Dharma Doodle Commissions

Give yourself or someone you love some dharma doodle magic!

Every month I create a small number of original dharma doodle commissions for individuals seeking a unique, personal, and spiritually meaningful work of art.

A personal commission needs to be . . . uh . . . personal.
Your original commission is developed after spending time understanding you and your spiritual journey.

“I got chills when I saw this dharma doodle. The way you touched the heart of something – An “issue”? A “dynamic”? A “truth”? – that is so central to our life blows me away.

This doodle embodies a huge learning I have been trying to accept/understand for YEARS. I am grateful that you turned your formidable attention to it and shared the result. What a gift.”

Get a dharma doodle for yourself.

Option 1: Dialogue & Doodle: We talk. I doodle.
I talk with you about your life, your path, your soul. Through this conversation and my subsequent meditation – your custom dharma doodle takes shape.

Why do I take the time to talk with you?
Because I want to create a dharma doodle that reflects your unique path.
It’s a piece of spiritual art tailored to your soul and designed to deepen your awakening with lightness, humor, and love . . . (this is a dharma doodle, after all.)

Cost: $380

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Option 2: “Dear Doodle . . . “: You write. I doodle.
I send you four questions and you answer. You write about yourself, your life, your path, your soul. I read your answers, meditate, and create your dharma doodle.

Cost: $400

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Give an original dharma doodle to someone you love. 

I can create a dharma doodle for someone you love.
To create the doodle that’s right for them, there are the same two options:

Give-a-Doodle Option 1: We talk. I doodle.
You order the doodle. I send a card (and if you wish, an email) letting your friend know that they are being given a personal dharma doodle. I arrange a time to talk with them and then create a doodle based on our conversation. I can either send the doodle directly to your friend – or to you, if you want to present it personally.

Cost: $380

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Give-a-Doodle Option 2: You write. I doodle.
You can let me know about your friend in writing. I can either send the doodle directly to your friend – or to you, if you want to present it personally.

Cost: $400

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I got your gorgeous doodle.
I’m completely wowed. I literally stood in my office, mouth open, speechless.
I can feel the love + shazam you put into every line + every shade.
Thank you. I’m touched + grateful.”

“I LOVE this doodle. It’s SO right on! It cracked me up and I just had the best laugh. When I’m getting rained on by my drama it doesn’t feel funny — so thank you for your wisdom teaching. I hung the doodle on the wall in front of my desk. It reminds me to breathe and not take my drama so seriously.”

“When I opened the Dharma Doodle you drew for me, it made me pause as I digested it… it hit me in a really profound way. There was a transmission in the drawing that catches me perfectly in one of my most common patterns, and then carries me into a new place.

I find myself often bringing the doodle to mind, and it has helped me sidestep a more usual reaction to stress and drop into my heart. It’s helped me feel connected. I’m eager to get it framed and up in my office, because I need this reminder.

How did you capture me so perfectly? Just lovely, Eric, lovely. Thank you. Who knew a lasting spiritual teaching could be carried in a doodle?”

Jen Louden“Opening my doodle and looking at it for the first time I felt so seen. It was like my meditation practice was speaking back to me. It’s my own personalized sacred art piece – with a sense of humor!”

Each original dharma doodle is created on 11″ x 14″ fine art paper in pen, ink, and water color.
For orders in the U.S. please allow 7 business days from the time of ordering.
For orders outside the U.S. please allow 10 – 14 business days from the time of ordering.