Who doesn’t need a reminder of what matters most?

In the busy-ness of life, it’s so easy to be distracted and lose your connection with what matters most – peace, love, compassion, wisdom. That’s where dharma doodles come in.

Dharma doodles are watercolor wake-up calls.
When you hang a dharma doodle in your home or office, it’s like a graphic guru right there on your wall.
Every time you look up, the doodle’s there beaming light and laughter into your heart and mind.

Lighten and brighten up your world with some dharma doodle mojo.
Check out the print gallery.
Or get an original dharma doodle . . . created for you.
The doodles can’t wait to meet you in person.

What others say:

“I got chills when I saw this dharma doodle. The way you touched the heart of something – An “issue”? A “dynamic”? A “truth”? – that is so central to our life blows me away. This doodle embodies a huge learning I have been trying to accept/understand for YEARS. I am grateful that you turned your formidable attention to it and shared the result. What a gift.”

“I LOVE this doodle. It’s SO right on! It cracked me up and I just had the best laugh. When I’m getting rained on by my drama it doesn’t feel funny — so thank you for your wisdom teaching. I hung the doodle on the wall in front of my desk. It reminds me to breathe and not take my drama so seriously.”

“Eric, your dharma doodles always catch me. They make me stop, breathe, smile, and then almost always something in my heart -clicks- and I can relax and trust. Thank you for cutting through the guff and helping make such timeless wisdom accessible and helpful. You’ve got a gift, man.”

“Allow these doodles and words to teach you and guide you – you will be so delighted you did. Everything about Eric’s work and guidance is nourishing, powerful, and real. He is one of my most trusted teachers – for my heart and for my own teaching and writing. Best of all, he teaches me through lightness and love.”

Michele_full_smile_lowres“These Dharma Doodles are such a sneaky form of spiritual teaching! It’s a cartoon, but it’s a deep lesson. It’s like Shel Silverstein and the Buddha collaborated to create wacky-and-profound, sweet and pointed messages to wake us up, but with so much kindness.”

I got your gorgeous doodle.
I’m completely wowed. I literally stood in my office, mouth open, speechless.
I can feel the love + shazam you put into every line + every shade.
Thank you. I’m touched + grateful.”

Molly Gordon“I received my dharma doodle today. I just love it. It makes my soul sing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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